First Toast!

12 Jun

Welcome to EATRUNSWAG.  This site will be serving you up the freshest restaurant and food reviews, the latest and hottest music, info on the current hip threads and styles, and much more silliness.  Hope you brought your appetite, there is plenty of swag to be digested.

For my first toast I bring to you a review of Austin’s rave-reviewed burger joint “P. Terry’s”.

When I wandered downtown today, I had no plans on partaking in any of the wonderful eateries available downtown. I went to get a new pair of running shoes and that was it.  When I arrived to a still closed Luke’s Locker at 11am, however,  I needed to find something to kill an hour before the running store opened its doors for business.  Luckily it was just enough time to grab a meal as I had yet to eat anything yet. I was with my mom and we had two dogs with us so any indoor establishments were out of the question.  After a quick google search of dog-friendly Austin restaurants and cafes (and there are quite a few by the way!) I decided to check out P. Terry’s.  I’d heard of the joint before and had passed it many times on the drive to Barton Springs so I was quite excited.

P. Terry's on Lamar

Upon entering the very, very small parking lot to P. Terry’s I already liked the feel.  Terry’s doesn’t pretend to be  a fancy burger place offering up so many menu choices you end up spending more time deciding what to get than how much time you spend eating it. No, P. Terry’s keeps things simple through and through. The drive through or picnic table patio dining options and the small menu offer a relaxed and simple dining experience.  The very fair prices are also friendly to a college student’s budget, always a plus.

The Menu

The menu:  Once again, small and simple.  With just 5 combo meals to choose from, I went with the number 3, the double with cheese combo.  A double cheeseburger combo for $5.50, I was impressed.

The meal:  I will judge the fries and the burger separately.  The burger was fantastic.  It comes loaded with P. Terry’s special sauce (some form of 1000 island dressing I’m guessing) and I was a fan.  I will admit though, the double burger was not nearly as filling as a double burger offered at a larger restaurant.  Taste and price prevailed over quantity this time, however.  I definitely recommend this burger to anybody who will be in Austin any time soon.   On to the fries ->  Ok, maybe it was just me.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the fries. My mom, however, LOVED them.  They were shoestring fries, I prefer my fries to be thicker and seasoned.  So if you’re a fan of thin and crispy fries, then these are for you, if not, you will be disappointed like I was.  The quantity of fries offered was quite impressive though.

iPhone picture of my meal. Sorry for the poor quality!

All in all it was a solid dining experience.  I will say perhaps the factor that gave it a little extra boost in quality was the fact that the burger joint is dog friendly.  Not only are pets welcome, but the cashier offered us free dog treats and there was a bowl of water for dogs on the patio.

Dash loved the fries!

Until next time, keep riding those #swagwaves

ps- Shout out to Audrey for helping me get the blog started, check out her blog “Adobe Slabs” linked in my blog roll to the right!


One Response to “First Toast!”

  1. catewestenhover June 14, 2011 at 1:22 am #

    Nice first post! Your title is great 😛 Can’t believe you’ve never had P Terry’s! Sometimes we go there after Wednesday run if we’re too late for Hut’s.

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