Being a “Red Head” is Hott!

15 Jun

No that title is not a joke.  Now Red-Heads have gotten a bad reputation in recent years via “fire-crotches” and “evil gingers”.  Unfortunately when one hears the term Red-Head (I will be capitalizing this the whole toast deal with it) this is the picture that comes to mind:

This kid will murder you in your sleep!

AHHH!!! OH MY DEAR GOD!! Just puked in my mouth. Can’t un-see that. My eyes are bleeding.

I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself so you can continue reading. Sorry you had to see that. Here’s a picture of an asian girl eating ice cream to cheer you up:


This is what I’m talking about, unfortunately “Gingers” and “Red Heads” are often combined into the same group.  I’m here to clear up this mistake and prove to you they are a whole different species.

Gingers are the pale freckle covered kids who according to South Park have no soul and want to eat you for supper.

Red Heads are women who can pull off having red hair while still looking gorgeous.  A Red Head doesn’t even need to have red hair as her natural hair color! (via Haley Williams)

Love You bb!!

Go to Google Image search and search (if you dare) for Gingers.  Then (if you are ok with seeing lots of naked women) Google Image search “Red Heads“.  HUGE DIFFERENCE. One makes me scared, one makes me feel tingly in the pants.

Notice I haven’t said anything about dudes.  Why is that? Well, for one I don’t find guys hawt (sorry, I support the gayz though!). And I pretty much picture every Red Head dude to be Ronald Weasley, and he’s a pretty chill bro, so I guess being a Red Headed dude is kewl.

Nice tank bro!

OK so I think you understand the difference between the two species.  I won’t waste anymore time, I know what you really want. PICS OF HAWT RED HEADS!!!?!

She's legal..probably

One time, at band camp..

You put a spell on me bb! I don't care that your family is 'poor' and obsessed with 'Muggles'

Emma Stone, prettiest 'Mainstream' Red Head?

Isla Fisher you're making me blush bb!

Amy Adams can sing AND dance!!! ❤



Under the sea ❤

Read, tweet, re-post plz!  I’ll have an interesting food experiment coming for y’all tomorrow!!

3 Responses to “Being a “Red Head” is Hott!”

  1. Mariam June 24, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    We have lot’s of redheads or gingers I should say in the Schaller clan! And now little Farrin is a mini ginger. Cute as could be too!!

  2. taylor July 10, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    some were stupid but some were nice 🙂

  3. taylor July 10, 2012 at 10:01 pm #


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