18 Jun

I’m going to be honest y’all, I’d never heard of this “Juneteenth” holiday until I saw it as a TT in Austin (for you old people, that stands for Trending Topic. On Twitter.)

I’m here to educate y’all.

As we all know (via Wikipedia) the slaves were officially freed in America on January 1st, 1863, 100 days after Honest Abe issued the Emancipation Proclamation.  (Y’all can be free, but um, I need that new fence built..so 100 days from now!)

Abe's best friends were black

Some of the more chill states in the Union were like “Yeah, you know what? Slavery is wrong!”.  TEXAS on the other hand, was worried that black people would take over if they were freed (via the NBA).  So Texas decided not to listen to those damn yankee rules and they kept making blacks do all the work for an extra TWO YEARS.

Need to get me one of them wenches y'all!

It wasn’t until June 18th, 1865 when Union General Granger rolled with his crew to Galveston, TX, that the laws abolishing slavery were enforced.  The 19th is when General Granger gave a speech declaring them free and today the holiday is celebrated on the 18th and 19th of June.

General Granger- "Y'all are free! No more discrimination because of your skin color ever! Just don't date my daughter.."

Common Juneteenth traditions include families tracing their ancestry back to slaves, parties, parades, and the traditional black sports basketball, football, track, and anything that doesn’t involve water (joking y’all).

See you there bb's

So to all my African-American friends in Texas (I have lot’s y’all) enjoy the celebrations.  Although you should probably have “What the hell Texas?” celebrations instead, because they kept y’all waiting 2 full years to the party.  Shame on y’all Texas!

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