Pretty Girl Swag

25 Jun

Ok, girls with nice boobs are hott.  Girls with blonde hair are hott.  Brunettes are hott.  Redheads, Puerto Ricans, and hipster chicks are hott.

But you know what really gets me going, y’all?


Swag it out bb

I bring to y’all my list of the most SWAGGED THE EFF OUT chicks in the game.


The Queen of Lezbo Swag furreal

Ellen has a hilarious show, a super banging hot wife, a mad fresh dougie, and Lil B has an entire song about her. Swag.  If I was a girl she could convert me into a lesbian for sure.

Nice Steeze bb

Bottoms Up Y'all

Everybody knows that Uffie was the first Ke$ha.  She’s like the Ke$ha of Williamsburg.  This girl has the ‘skanky’ swag.
# 5 Dijonay Jones from the Proud Family


Before the word swag even existed this chick was killin hoes and swaggin out on the Disney Channel.

# 4 Lady Gaga

Born This Way bb

Nice Pokerface bb

Lady Gaga is weird as hell.  Swag and weird kinda go hand in hand though, so Lady Gaga is SWAG as hell.  This chicks level of swag turns me on furreal. I’ll go to the Edge of Glory with you.

# 3 Kreayshawn

Damn girl whatchu sippin on


Gucci Gucci Bluntz

Kreayshawn hangs with Lil B, smokes purple ‘all day’, and is rising to fame via Youtube.  Watch ‘Gucci Gucci’, you’ll fall in love.  Love ya gurl ❤

# 2 Justin Bieber

Baby, Baby, oh!


Chunk up the deuce bb!


Damn this chick has so much swag.  She single handedly turned every 8-23 year old girl in ‘Merica into a lesbian.  Watch out Ellen this chick is comin to take your lezbo swag queen crown!



Barbie Girl Swag

Blinged the Eff Out

Dat Ass


Nicki Minaj is the baddest, most swagged the eff out, ill b!tch in the game aiight?  I’ve had steamy dreams about this girl.  From her multiple personalities on Yeezy’s “Monster” to her maple syrup butt, everything about this girl screams SWAG.

And I love it.


Need a good hip hop playlist to turn your swag on to? Audrey put out a gangsta-ass playlist full of songs you’ve probably heard yesterday. Check it @ (link on the blogroll too)


❤ y’all, I”m over a 1000 views now!


2 Responses to “Pretty Girl Swag”

  1. Aundre August 8, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so srtaihgtforward.

  2. ari April 10, 2012 at 1:50 am #


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