No More Teenage Dreams…Y’all.

15 Jul

So today is my birthday.  I turned 20 at midnight .
So naturally I spent the first 2 hours of my bday doing what a 20 year old should do, crying at a Harry Potter movie:



It was an emotional night for me y’all.  So symbolistic.  At the same time that I was leaving my teenage years behind, the Harry Potter series that was a major part of my childhood finally came to an end.

And what an end it was.



I enjoyed every minute of cheering for Mrs. Weasley pwning the Marla Singer  Bellatrix Lestrange, Hermione kissing that ugly ginger, and Albus confessing his gay love for Harry Potty.  Thanx for being such a huge part of my life y’all, Never Forget the magical times we’ve had ❤


Of course now that I no longer have “Teenage Dream(s)” (Via Katy Perry), I had to go do something manly as balls.
Shootin’ guns y’all.

Kick down the do' with my loaded Fo-Fo!


Lemme Tell you, if you ever get within 8 yards of me, I’m gunna hit you with that kill shot.





No longer can I blame my actions on being a dumb teenager.

No longer can I hit on 16 year olds.

No longer can I be 16 and pregnant.

One more year until I can ‘be crazy’


Thanks for the cake bro!



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