Cross Country Camp 2011: the first 21 hours

25 Aug

Dear Readers: I’ll be at camp for the next 8 days in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Hopefully I’ll be providing daily updates on this blog. I’m doing this via a mobile app so don’t expect anything fancy. It’s actually a sweet app btw, thanks wordpress!

After finally managing to fit all of the gear into the back of the vans we finally began our trip to Glen Arbor to put our summer training to the test on the trails of northern Michigan. Although a fairly long drive, it wasn’t bad as we were surrounded by our teammates to have conversations with. We finally arrived at camp only 30min before dinner and had just enough time to pick cabins and unload our duffle bags before digging into the tasty lasagna the cafeteria had prepared for us. It was nice being able to eat and relax when we got here instead of doing a workout straightaway like last year.

Day 2:
We awoke in our cabin at 7:45am to several different alarms going off at the same time. I think mine was the best as Matt and Kim’s ‘daylight’ was stuck in the head of several of my cabin mates hummed the tune throughout breakfast. 6 of us decided to get our run out of the way early at 10am and we did 12 miles on the nice trails at the park only a 15min run down dirt roads from our cabins. With the first run at camp being a success we were left with an afternoon to ourselves which many spent reading the books they purchased on our short stop in town at 1. In a few hours the remainder of the campers will run and then we will all do a group core and strengthening session before spending more time team bonding afterwards. Perhaps a game of dodgeball? We’ll see, Gibby is much too easy of a target, maybe we’ll go easy on him.

Quotes from the first 2 days:

Senior Derek Henning- “I’m looking forward to living in blissful ignorance of the outside world while in northern Michigan”

Sophomore Mark Beams- “I have to pee”

Freshman Scott Dvorak- “once upon a time I loved camp”



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