18 Nov

I had meant to do a post yesterday, but it turns out putting off a 6 page annotated bibliography is a bad idea.

Only 4 days out from the big dance now, and honestly I’m feeling more excited day by day and less nervous.  In fact I don’t really even feel nervous.  We made it to the meet, we belong there, no reason to be nervous now.  Just need to run how we’ve been running all year with maybe just a few things executed a little better and things will go our way.

News of the Day:

Lawi- Will he be stopped?

Silly Americans, you will not beat me!

SUPER IN DEPTH ANALYSIS:  Nope.    Korir will probably run with him for a while.  Lawi wins this one and runs his cool-down back to Arizona.

Many are claiming Miles “Stormin-Mormon” Batty to surprise a lot of people with a high up finish.  I wouldn’t be surprised, he’s been rolling. Just imagine how fast the dude could run with a little bit of caffeine though! Too bad..

Believe it or not, this is probably the most risque outfit to ever be worn on BYU's campus. HE'S SHOWING KNEE, WHAT A SINNER!!!

Letsrun front page:

Michael Stember- Will he break 18 for the 5k?

Jesus Christ I hope so.  Way to set your standards high, if you can’t run a time fast enough to win your age group at a local road race then you really must have let yourself go.

Better question, could Alan Webb break 18 for a 5k right now?



If I had your money, I wouldn't be this sad looking.

Drake is love or hate. Or both at the same time.  While half the time Drake comes off as a “I cut myself and take sleeping pills” type dude half the time, there’s no denying that Wheelchair Jimmy spits some mad-fire rhymes from time to time.  Well this is one of those times where he spit some pretty hot fire (via DYLAN).  While “Doing it Wrong” and “Practice” probably are not going to put you in the mood to go and kick some ass, “HYFR”, “Headlines” and the bonus track “The Motto” will probably do the trick.  This album is pretty damn good.  If you’re broke like me, you should def. torrent it.


Ayo Gambino is a Mastermind

If you’ve never heard CG, first off where have you been? Guarantee you have never heard a rapper with punchlines like this dude.  Camp has some pretty hot tracks.  Especially Bonfire, “The shit that I’m doing this year, insanity, made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony”.  DAMN, THAT SHI- CRAY!   Hopefully he stops sobbing about people doubting him soon though, because that part of his lyrics is getting annoying.  Stick to talking about your swag and effing beaches.

Running with the Wolverines- 4 Days Away from the Big Dance:

Tomorrow we leave for Indiana and everybody is looking great.  The team atmosphere is relaxed yet focused at the same time.  While the end of the season brings the promise of much needed rest and whatever other shenanigans people partake in when in their rest period, the mood in the locker room right now is one of hope, confidence, and excitement for Monday.  Some of the upperclassmen regret that this will be their last trip to the NCAA’s for xc.  They’ve made it clear to us that have another chance at a trip back to the meet in the coming years that this is an experience to enjoy and take advantage of. To all of you running, remember how lucky we are to compete in such an event.  A very small amount of people in the nation get to experience something like this. Let’s go out there and carpe the effing diem.



2 Responses to “NCAA XC Nats: 4 DAYS AWAY”

  1. ROCK November 18, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    “carpe the effing diem”

    This is going on a T-Shirt. Go get em!

  2. ari November 18, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    carpe diem by the fucking throat

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