NCAA XC Nationals: 3 DAYS AWAY

19 Nov


2,500+ views on the blog today, thanks LetsRun.  Despite that quote about being an “athlete-student” I’d like to point out that I have above a 3.0 and have made All-Academic Big 10 several times.  I only skip classes when necessary 😉  (sorry PoliSci 311 and English 411 yesterday..)


News of the Day:


Here’s a petition they posted on the Facebook group.  Take some time and fill this out for the sake of our sport!

Recently some star athletes such as Michael Phelps and Tyson Gay have taken up support for the cause.  Nice guys to have speaking for the cause, good news.

If Captain America had been African-American, I have a feeling he would have looked like this.


Most Surprising Team (so far): University of Texas

Yes, I’m incredibly biased in picking them, I live 15 minutes from campus when I’m not at college.  But the longhorns made their first appearance in this years national poll ranked 25th.  They were pretty much under the radar until the Wisconsin Invite where a very impressive 6th place showing showed everybody that UT was a serious team to watch out for this season.  The longhorns, lead by Coach Hayes (recently named USTFCCCA South Central Regional Coach of the Year), head into Monday’s race ranked 9th place.  Look for an impressive showing from the burnt orange and an impressive performance from Craig Lutz.  Oh hey Rory, I want a rematch from Wisco, I’ll be looking to finish faster than 6min mile pace this time.  Loser has to eat a spider 😉

Hook 'em guys



LONG BUS RIDE WAS LONG.  Anybody who took a similar route to us will encounter some serious traffic due to construction.  So to any people planning on traveling that way, plan accordingly.  We watched 3 movies, Captain America, Horrible Bosses, and then Star Trek.  Solid entertainment.  Highlight of the day, which I’m sure all of us would agree upon, was stopping at “Sara’s Restaurant” in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Team tradition to stop there when passing through.  If you ever get the chance, go there.  I recommend the “Yankee” breakfast.  Protip: Get chocolate chip pancakes with it.  We’re staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Terre Haute, right next to the WalMart.  If any of you are here come say hi.  As far as advice for the race goes, I’m not in the position to give it, this being my first trip to the dance.  So look for potential interviews with returners coming soon.  Maybe I’ll get Captain Craig to share a few words.



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