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If Pro-Runners were Pokemon…

9 Feb

First of all, if you aren’t a nerd/geek and you get sex on the reg, you probably won’t like this post. And I don’t blame you. You can just leave now and come back Friday for an interview with one of the Milrose Mile runners!

But if you have no shame, like yours truly, and at the age of 20 or higher (hopefully not too much higher) you still think Pokemon is the shit, well then indulge in some nostalgic dorkiness below.  You probably won’t get a lot of these jokes without a decent/basic knowledge of Pokemans.

The premise is simple: If some of the most famous runners/running coaches/fans were Pokemon, what Pokemon would they be?

Alan Webb- Slowpoke


No further explanation needed for this one.


Steve Prefontaine- Pikachu

Who makes these freaking pictures..

A super overhyped Pokemon/the most recognizable Pokemon name by non Pokemon fans.  Why overhyped? Well he’s not a bad Pokemon but if I wouldn’t choose him for my Elite Four team.


Will Leer- Alakazam



Derek Rubis- Ditto

Face in Hole totally stole their ideas from Ditto!


Silas Kiplagat- Mudkip

Silas Mudkiplagat


OTC- Team Rocket

The annoying bad guys


Galen Rupp- Meowth

Team Rocket's Mascot


Alberto Salazar- Giovanni

Team Rocket's Manager

Matt Centrowitz- Scyther

THE THROAT SLIT. Also Scyther is cool as fuck


Kara Goucher- Eevee



Marion Jones- Mewtwo

Totally unnatural and lab created.


Dwight Stones- Koffing

Worthless and pollutes our sport when he opens his mouth on air.


Anna (Willard) Pierce- Ninetales

Feisty, Fast, Foxy.


EatRunSwag Interview: Jeremy Rae, Canadian Miler Extraordinaire

4 Feb

Howdy y’all, here I present to you another EatRunSwag interview. This time with my Canadian friend Jeremy Rae.  Fun fact about J-Rae, he was last year’s Mayo Mile champion and will be attempting to defend his title tomorrow afternoon.

Bro'ing out with J-Rae and the Dunbar in Boston

So J-Rae, I know ladies like the foreigners, do you have a lady-friend?

Yes.. yes I do. My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year.

Bitches love Canada

Who is your NCAA crush?

-No homo, Matt Hughes. If I could grow half as good of a mustache/mullet combo as him I’d be ecstatic.

One of the Manliest of the Men in the sport

What is your favorite movie?

-Gladiator. But the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a very close second.


You’re Canadian, how come you don’t have a flappy head?

-Actually.. I’ve never really gotten into South Park, and that might be why. I’m a way bigger Family Guy fan.


What is your favorite Alanis Morissette song?

-If I had to pick one it’d be “Thank You”.. have you seen the music video? But in all honesty I’m a much bigger Avril fan.

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

Which do you prefer, miles or kilometers?

-Definitely km’s. It makes my weekly totals seem much higher than they really are.

I still prefers miles. AMERICA.

How did it feel losing to us at the Michigan night game earlier this year?

-3 years in a row of last-minute losses to you guys has been pretty tough to deal with. We play you guys early enough in the year where I still care about how our football team is playing, so it’s been especially difficult.


How did you first get into running?

-I did just about every sport in elementary school and when the track season came around I tried out for the 800m and the shotput. Shockingly, I lost the 800 but was our schools best shotputter.

The youngest pic I could find of you on Facebook

What made you choose to go to Notre Dame?

-I saw a picture of touchdown Jesus and thought that same pose would be a great victory celebration one day. No.. that’s only partially true. I took my visit and really liked the guys on the team. They made me feel really welcome and I could easily see myself fitting in with them.

While it doesn't say anything in the bible about Jesus liking football, he probably did.

You’re the defending champ of the Meyo Mile, describe your victory last year.  Was it your first time under 4 minutes?

-Last year’s race was incredible. The whole week leading up to it everyone had been asking (more like telling me) that I was going to break-4 that weekend. The race played into my hands with a slow 2nd and 3rd lap (1200 split of 3:02-3), and I was able to kick pretty well off that. Getting under four for my first time was a surreal experience, and I was so glad I was able to meet everyones expectations.

I think a "Mayo" mile would be more interesting. 6oz of Mayo per lap

How has your training been going so far this season?

-The build up to this years Meyo mile hasn’t been as great as last year. I got pretty sick in early January and didn’t run at all for a week, and really have only recently gotten over that. Otherwise, I’ve gotten in some good workouts and I’m only getting fitter every week.


What are your goals for this meet, the rest of indoor, and then eventually outdoor?

-The goal is to win again. There’s something about the meet being at home and the mile being the signature event that makes winning the most important thing on Saturday. I’d also like to defend my mile title at Big East, and with the mile craziness that’s already happened (McCarthy and McEntee) I’m already getting excited about that race. Otherwise, we’ll have another good DMR this year and we’d like to at least match our 4th place finish from last year at nationals.

The Ragin' Canadian vs. The Stormin' Mormon

Are you looking at going to the Canadian Olympic Trials?

-I haven’t thought much about outdoors yet, seeing as it’s so early in the year. However, I was embarrassed with my 9th place finish at NCAA’s last year, and so placing higher will for sure be one of my main goals. And I definitely plan on running the trials too, but NCAA’s is always the main focus.

Hoping to see you rep the Maple Leaf this summer, dude.