A Sad Day for USA Track and Field. #LetFamRun

22 Jun

On my bike ride this morning I thought up a hilarious post regarding Alan Webb’s recent admission into the 5k at the Olympic Trials.  The original idea for the post was going to be about a bunch of past time all-time greats signing up and getting admitted.

I was going to have funny quips like “Bruce Jenner’s appeal granted, Jenner to compete in Decathlon” and “Billy Mills lacing up for the 10k, is he a darkhorse?”


Can he take on Hardee?

But then shortly after I got home I heard about this Fam bullshit.


Now let’s get this out of the way first:  If they denied Fam but also Webb to send the message that rules are rules and standards are standards and you must have them, ok. I could live with that, Fam had ample opportunities to run sub 8:30.

When you let Webb into the 5k, however, you are opening a flood gate, and you must be ready to deal with this in a manner that is fair and treats all the other athletes equally.


Is that what USATF did?


Now I wonder why this happened… Why Webb got in and Fam didn’t…

Oh I know:


Maybe this picture makes Nike look a little too good..


Today, USATF showed that pleasing Nike is more important than pleasing the fans and the athletes. 
Today, track and field in the USA took another step backward.



This is just a short post, I will be posting throughout the trials with hopefully more pleasant and funny topics. 


4 Responses to “A Sad Day for USA Track and Field. #LetFamRun”

  1. TrackBeef June 22, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    short post but it tells a fucked up tale. USATF is corrupt

  2. Ben Wach June 22, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    There’s an old Rick Reilly article on “The Swooshification of America” that pretty much said this would be happening rampantly. The article is at least 15 years old. Nike is in a power position – they make the best products, so they have the most money, so they most sway, so they have the best athletes. It’s a pretty vicious cycle.

  3. ari June 23, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    finland is going crazy with articles about lasse virén. is he going to run under the finnish flag in london? find out next time

  4. ArchIslander June 29, 2012 at 12:59 pm #


    I would like to know when you are going to post about my main man Galen Rupp. He is truly the class of American distance running, and every word you post that does not start with “r” and end in “upp” is a true slap in the face to us real distance running fans.

    And Andrew Bumbalough should be banned by USATF and placed in the same memory as Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones. The way he kicked down Rupp in the Semi’s like it was some sort of race…what an @$$ hole. I’m just glad Galen refused to shake his hand, that way bumbablow knows to never cheat again (how else could he of beat the chosen one)?

    But all was not lost, Rupp did the only thing he could, took all that frustration from the bumbelblow mishap and applied it to out kicking a man in the prime of his career. His fist pump at the end (which was very athletic looking I might add) was a true inspiration. You could make the argument that the real winner in this race was really Lagat, he performed to the necessary standards to received the rare and honorary “Galen Handshake” (which is what everyone is competing for anyway, right)?

    It just reforced the age old lesson that all of our mothers taught us growing up…”Sportsmanship; if you’re good enough, you don’t need it.”

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