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Running in Groups with iPods. STOP THIS MADNESS

21 Sep

After another hiatus, I’m back again!  Here’s a short one until I finish the interview with the Lady Wolverines (coming soon!) Anyways, the thought for this blog came to me the other day.  It was a product of my anger at this atrocity which I witness almost daily building up over years and years.  What is this atrocity I speak of?


LOL yeah, let’s go running together. BUT DONT YOU DARE SAY A F*^%$@# WORD TO ME.

I have a personal connection to my hatred towards this subject.  It all started many, many years ago.  I believe it was my junior year of high school.  One of the girls on the team, a pretty decent runner at 10:30 something in the 2 mile and low 4:50s in the mile, invited me to get some miles in with her really early in the morning before school.  I said sure, sounds great!  I get to the parking lot ready run at about 6am, and I notice as soon as we’re about to start running she puts headphones on.  WUT.  Then, only a few minutes into the run I tried to start a conversation.  It was like talking to a tree.  A tree with boobs who runs next to you silently.  Every time I tried to say something, she had to pause her iPhone, and take a headphone out.  It was like those awkward newscasts where there is a delay between the question asked and the reporter in some far away area responding.  Also I had to repeat my questions twice every freaking time.

Girl from story above, plus me with braces and shiny Bieber hair.

Now I thought maybe that was a rare occurrence, because surely people usually meet to run because they like having somebody to talk to as they burn off the calories from last night’s dorm food and/or frat party, right?

WRONG.  As soon as I got to college I started seeing, mainly sorority looking girls, doing this EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Guy: “Thank God I don’t have to listen to this lady.”

This concept baffles me.  There have been runs where there is no way in hell I would have finished without having some brothers in suffering next to me.

Picture below is relevant because I’d assume people do this to purposely not have to pay attention to their workout partner.

Women, terrible people. (except for my mother sister and girlfriend)*

It’s like going to the movies with somebody and bringing your laptop so you can watch a different movie on it.

It’s like hanging out with someone else but your friend spends the entire time texting (GIRLS.)


If you absolutely need to listen to music to go for a run, you should probably just quit running and see if you can get a prescription for your ADD.



Unless you look like this when you exercise with an iPod. This is ok.

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