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A Sad Day for USA Track and Field. #LetFamRun

22 Jun

On my bike ride this morning I thought up a hilarious post regarding Alan Webb’s recent admission into the 5k at the Olympic Trials.  The original idea for the post was going to be about a bunch of past time all-time greats signing up and getting admitted.

I was going to have funny quips like “Bruce Jenner’s appeal granted, Jenner to compete in Decathlon” and “Billy Mills lacing up for the 10k, is he a darkhorse?”


Can he take on Hardee?

But then shortly after I got home I heard about this Fam bullshit.


Now let’s get this out of the way first:  If they denied Fam but also Webb to send the message that rules are rules and standards are standards and you must have them, ok. I could live with that, Fam had ample opportunities to run sub 8:30.

When you let Webb into the 5k, however, you are opening a flood gate, and you must be ready to deal with this in a manner that is fair and treats all the other athletes equally.


Is that what USATF did?


Now I wonder why this happened… Why Webb got in and Fam didn’t…

Oh I know:


Maybe this picture makes Nike look a little too good..


Today, USATF showed that pleasing Nike is more important than pleasing the fans and the athletes. 
Today, track and field in the USA took another step backward.



This is just a short post, I will be posting throughout the trials with hopefully more pleasant and funny topics. 


Bruce Jenner vs. Brody Jenner

9 Jul

So this year I somehow got suckered into watching “Laguna Beach”.  Which is a gateway drug for “The Hills”.  I won’t waste your time talking about how annoying it was when LC kept going back to Jason, how freaking hott Audrina is but for some reason dated a douche named “Justin-Bobby”, and how Spencer looked exactly like a monkey.

Oo Oo! Ahh Ahh!


Instead I’m here to discuss LC’s occasional love interest on the show, Brody Jenner.



First of all, what a caucasian name.  It’s up there with Chaz/Chet/Chad/Chase/Maxwell/and Hunter.  All I can think of when I hear names like “Brody” is Lacoste polos, water polo, and country clubs.
Moving on.

When I saw him appear on the show I was like “Oh snap son, that’s Bruce Jenner’s son!”

Quick lesson if y’all dont know Bruce Jenner:


Bruce Jenner was an Olympic champ in the decathlon in 1976 Olympics.  He’s hella rich from being a badass.
Also, he has a smoking hot step-daughter:

YES please.

This lead me to think, is Bruce disappointed that his son is pretty much a useless sack of bro-junk?

Bruce was a star athlete in college.
Brody didn’t even go to college.


Bruce trained 8-10 hours a day for the decathlon
Brody: We can assume pretty much lays around and does nothing for longer than that every day


Bruce is an extremely successful businessman and public speaker despite being dyslexic.
Brody’s official occupation is a socialite.  Only in America can one get paid for this..


Bruce has had more plastic surgeries than the amount of points he scored in the decathlon.
Brody  has hooked up with Kristin Cavallari, LC, and a Playmate of the Year

hmmm POINT: BRODY (3-1)

Bruce had/still has a successful and meaningful career.
Brody: When Brody gets a little bit older, his “Socialite” career will no longer exist.


Final Score: 4-1

Admittedly it’s probably hard to measure up to your dad when he was/is such a badass.

Maybe Brody will start training for 2012

Maybe Audrina will marry me one day