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EatRunSwag T-Shirts! COMING SOON!

31 Jan

Hey y’all, so I finally got around to designing some t-shirts and I ordered one to test out the shirt company.

It came in today:

Don't know what's sexier, the shirt or the man wearing it.


So here are some potential designs:

Haters Gon' Hate- Wolverine Colors


Plenty of diff. color options I can play around for this shirt. Gimme feedback!




On the back it says "Eatrunswag.com"


It will be another week or two before I can order the shirts in bulk because it’s going to cost a few hundred dollars of my own money.  I need to make sure there’s going to be enough demand that I don’t lose a lot of money on this.  It’s looking like they will cost between $15-20 right now. If you were to go to the site yourself and order one tee it’d be $22 PLUS shipping.  In the future I will have bumper stickers and diff t-shirt material options such as dri-fit and maybe some nike/adidas!  But for now, it’s on a cotton tee. Feels as comfy as any other cotton tee, I’ve already worn it and  I will let you know how it holds up with washing before I sell some.


Help me pay rent, buy some shirts when they come out ❤


Give me some feedback and suggestions on color-ways you’d prefer ❤