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Happy Bday, Pre.

25 Jan

I’ve  missed two posts, not from laziness, but from getting done with practice after 8pm. I don’t make posts after 8 because they get much less traffic. Sorry d00dz.

First off, help some of my friends out and vote for them in the New Balance spike contest on fbook!


Go to “Gallery”, search “Temi” and vote for his spike. It’s red white and blue, so if you don’t like it then you’re a terrorist.


Anyway, it’s Pre’s bday y’all!

Happy B-day Bronie

Obviously Pre is one of the most over-marketed  well known runners of all time.  I’m not sure there has ever been a high school meet without at least one scrawny white kid wearing a t-shirt with Pre’s mug on it.

Pretty sure I owned this shirt once.. We all have, we all have.

With all this hype, should we really idolize him like Nike has been telling us to do for years?

Maybe not idolize, but respect? Yes.




His ‘stache makes me feel like an inferior man.  I’ve never had one long enough to comb and trim 😦

Ladies Man.

Front page of Sports Illustrated. Bitches love the front page of Sports Illustrated.

According to accounts from his friends and from the 2 or 3 movies about him, Pre got “mad tail” and what not.  Not common for a national class distance runner these days.

He said cool stuff.


Minus that whole “Suicide Pace” BS, Pre spoke like the Muhammad Ali of the track world.

He was “alright” at running.

"Where'd y'all go?"

He was ok I guess.

Pre was more famous than any distance runner any of us young folk have seen in our lives. People who played REAL SPORTS actually admired this dude.  Ask any of your footballer friends to name one distance runner and they probably respond with “Pre”.  If we had more national class runners with his swagger, mustache,  and stupid racing tactics ballsy racing performances, maybe more people would watch our sport.

Unfortunately, Pre was not as good at drunk driving as he was at running.  So that’ll forever tarnish his reputation.

"Do a barrel roll!"

He’ll forever be known for dying in a drunk driving accident.  But hey, that’s way better than dying in shame from not stopping little boys from getting molested.

Its not funny because it's true.

Shirt Design Pics to come on Friday!!