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Michigan Vs. Ohio State: THE DUAL 2012.

14 Jan

Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Rocky vs. Apollo Creed, and Rick Perry vs. Homosexuals are all big rivalries.  But NONE OF THESE even hold a candle to Michigan vs. Ohio State.




When Michigan applied for statehood in the 1830’s, confusion over the boundaries of the two states lead to a dispute of a 468 square mile region along the border of the two states known as the “Toledo Strip”.

"The Toledo Strip", it now exists as a janky stripclub


Militias from Michigan and Ohio assembled near the Maumee River in Toledo but nobody actually fought because the Buckeyes traded all their weapons for tattoos and alcohol (probably Mike’s Hard Lemonade) on their way to the battle and the Michiganders decided it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

Pokerface Fail


Eventually Congress offered Michigan the Upper Peninsula in exchange for Ohio getting to keep Toledo.

What Michigan got: The Upper Peninsula

Pure Michigan


What Ohio got to keep: Toledo

Daily occurrence in Toledo.


Ever since then, an intense rivalry has existed between the two states and has manifested itself in the football games between the University of Michigan and The Ohio State College.

Tomorrow evening, starting at 6pm, is the annual indoor track dual meet between Michigan and OSU.

Left Side, Strong Side


This is the 27th annual dual meet with the first meet taking place in the 30’s with some non-dual years thrown in between then and now.  While Michigan has won 20 of the 26 meetings, the Buckeyes have won the last 3 and the Wolverines are looking to put an end to this streak just as we did in football this year.

Schedule of Events
Field Events
6 p.m. – Weight Throw, Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump
7:15 p.m. – Shot Put, Triple Jump
Running Events
7 p.m. – Mile
7:10 p.m. – 60m Hurdles
7:20 p.m. – 400m
7:30 p.m. – 600m
7:40 p.m. – 60m
7:50 p.m. – 800m
8 p.m. – 200m (two sections)
8:10 p.m. – 3,000m
8:25 p.m. – 4 x 400m Relay


I was going to do an event by event preview, but I actually have to get some work done so I don’t have to do anything tomorrow.  But, briefly, just know that it’s going to be very close.  OSU boasts some of the best field event competitors in the Big 10 while Michigan fields a still fairly young, but already well accomplished group of athletes.

Heat Sheets can be found here:


Yours truly will be debuting my indoor season in the 3k. It’s been a long 95 mile week but I’m quite fit for early January and ready to rip.

Fun-Spirited rivalry jokes aside, all of us Wolverines are excited to get to compete against our Big 10 Rivals tomorrow and see where we’re at fitness-wise at the beginning of a long season.  We extend the best of luck to all competitors tomorrow, as long as our luck is much better.

Not known by many, but D-Rob actually won a race in the Dual 2 years ago


Look for Michigan to give a strong showing in the Hurdles


This is Michigan...FOR GOD SAKES



Shout out to everybody running in the Trials tomorrow! Especially my coach’s wife Kathy Newberry!






20 Nov

This isn’t going to be very detailed, it’s late.  Tomorrows post will have interviews from the girls team and hopefully some other folks.


News of the Day:


First off, thank you NCAA for the food, mainly those brownies. Those were great.  And I respect the speakers thanks for taking time out of your schedule to do that.  But there were some quotes too hilarious to not write down here.  I just won’t mention who said them.  So without further ado, here are the best quotes from the night:

“She really likes things in threes”
“Nothing like seeing the men streak from the line”
“sorry for being premature”
“He’s still young, and flexible”
“You should run the course twice tomorrow and go out hard on Monday”

I hope there was another team there as prone to innuendos as us.


Running with the Wolverines:

Gibby knew of a park with some pretty cool trails, took us out there so we wouldn’t have to run the course two days in a row.  Boys are looking relaxed.  Instead of focusing on how we felt and how much to run today, we enjoyed our trot on the trails and then spent 10-15min throwing rocks at a gatorade bottle we placed on top of a road block.  Our team is closer than we’ve ever been, it’s been a terrific experience out here so far getting to share this experience together.  Just a few more days and we get to do what we came here for.

Thanks for the free stuff ADIDAS!


Wow these iPhone pics are pretty good quality. Kyle Merber and Paul Snyder swagging out in their Puma gifts


Michigan's finest, Mark sugar tits Beams

Cross country camp 2011: Friday

26 Aug

Nothing like reading Chuck Palahniuk on the beach.



Another post from the iPhone, once again excuse the quality.

Last night was freezing. I woke up at 3am and had to pee. I held it until I woke up because it was so cold I was afraid to leave my bed. The wake up alarm I chose this morning was ‘blah blah blah’ by my girl Ke$ha. There were mixed reviews on this choice.

Today was a workout day. TEMPO. I’m not going to give away our workouts or training times but lets just say the wolverines are looking pretty damn good right about now. MUCH BETTER than last year. Did almost 3 miles more than I tempoed at this time a year ago.

After lunch and some rest, we had a mandatory team bonding session through the viewing of “Band of Brothers”. We watched the first two episodes. Intense stuff. Ross from friends is in the first one and he’s a dick.

Killed some more time this afternoon reading and swimming in lake Michigan before dinner. Chicken nuggets and mashed potaters, OMNOMNOM.

Currently typing this post while watching the third episode of B.O.B. It’s good team bonding. Watching the men on the show form strong friendships with each other through their struggle is pretty symbolic to our time here at camp with the new freshmen as we prepare to begin the hell that is xc season. Thankfully we’re not being shot at by nazi’s.

Gibbys wife runs the marathon at Worlds in about 30min. Gibby looks nervous as hell right now. Good luck Kathy!

Until next time,


Athlete Profile: Becca Addison

6 Jul

My fellow Americans, today I introduce to y’all a new blog feature I intend to do at least once a month.  I will be interviewing some of the nation’s top athletes so you can learn some of their secrets to success.  Also, through the revealing and challenging interview questions that I ask, you can learn about the actual character and personality of these super legit runner folk.

Before beginning this article I’d like to say thanks to Becca for allowing me to do this interview and putting up with my weird questions.  Thanks Becca you’re the best!

The subject of the first Athlete Profile blog is the University of Michigan’s very own Becca Addison:

Nice smile bb!

Becca Addison is going into her Junior Year as a Big 10 Champion, All-American, and currently has a personal best of 2:03 in the 800!!!

I chose to interview Becca first because not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also one of my favorite people.  Living in the same house as her for a Spring Term in 2010, our friendship developed into what it is today.  I killed a spider for her once, it was big.

Brookwood Street Pimpin

I called her up for the interview since I am home in Texas for the summer and here is how it went:

Me- First I’ll start off with some non-running questions so people can get to know you beyond just your running accomplishments.  So here’s the first question, you ready?

Becca- Yes, I think so

Me- If you could be any animal on a carousel what would you pick and why?

Becca- A frog. I just like them.

Frogs, she just likes them.

Me- Is it true that you have beaten Tetris Friends? (www.tetrisfriends.com)

Becca- It took me many months, but now I can beat it almost every time.  The secret is to play on survival mode.  I didn’t know that the normal goal of the game is to rack up as many points as you can, I was just playing to beat the game.

Me- So, you always play to win?

Becca- Yes.

All I do is win win win no matter what

Me- What do you think is the solution to the debt crisis?

Becca- I’m not really good at politics.

Politics? Too serious.

Me- If your life was a movie, what would it be titled?

Becca- Awkward Endeavors

Awkward Endeavors: Rated PG-13

Me- Who is your collegiate/pro runner crush?

Becca- Umm…Jeremy Warniner.   No…wait, Walter Dix!

Becca likes her men to have SWAG

Me- Please tell me (and the readers of this website) about your love for cats


Becca- My love for cats was there in high school, but it has continued to grow in college.

So much love for those cats

Me-Tell me about the “Kitty Glamour Shotz” that you like to do

Becca- I do glamour shots with my cat named Emma.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She just sits there with her eyes closed so I assume she likes it.  She really likes the camera

I can has picnic

Me- Have you done glamour shots with any other cats?

Becca- No, just Emma.  I tend to smother other cats too much and freak them out

Snow cat pulling a native american on a sled.

Me- What is your favorite thing about me?

Becca- Your zest for life.

So much zest!

Me-  Now on to the running part.  I want to know some of your secrets to success and I’m sure the readers do too. So when did you first start running?

Becca- 8th grade.  I ran the 100 and the 200.  I was super nervous all of the time.

Young Becca. Becca, I'm truly sorry for putting this on here.

Me- Did you play any other sports?

Becca- I was a gymnast from age 5-14.  Then I broke both of my hands.

Couldn't find a pic of Becca as a gymnast. So here's Kerri Strug.

Me- So I’ve heard your parents were pretty good at running, tell me a little about that.

Becca- My parents met when they were both running for Nike in Eugene, Oregon.  They were both in Russia and my dad asked my mom to dance.  She said no.  They hit it off better later on.

Her dad front and center

Me- Tell me why you’re so good

Becca- Because I’m so competitive.

Beast Mode.

Me-What are your goals?

Becca- I just want to get faster every year.

Me- Howabout sub 2?

Becca- Sub 2 would be crazy..

Me- Do it.

Sub 2, coming soon.

Me- Would you like to give any shout outs?

Becca- Id like to say hi to my soulmate, Jill Smith, my soulmate in running and in life ❤  And I’d like to send out a shout-out to my litter mates!

Soulmates ❤