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EatRunSwag’s Super Trials Recap!

3 Jul

Quick news on shirts: Last night I submitted my bank info to the google checkout store I setup. It’s going to take up to three days to verify my account, then when I submit tax info the store is ready to go!

Anyway, all of us track junkies just got finished watching the Olympic Trials.  It was WAY more dramatic, exciting, disappointing, and controversial than many of us thought it would be.  Favored athletes failing to qualify, drug cheat agent scandals, the Fam debacle, and the women’s 100m dash amateur hour special (in the words of LR) made for an interesting week, to say the least, in the sport of track and field.

Here is my recap, with a hint of humor, and a dose of honesty.  *WARNING- This post contains foul language, humor, and satire, not recommended for the average stuck up runner douche or women who may be pregnant or nursing.


WOMENS 100m DASH- Tarmoh gives Felix the friendship bracelet she made for her back.



We all wondered what would become of the “dead heat” between the two runners who are (were) also great friends and training partners.  I can’t really hate on Felix because when it comes down to it, track is an individual sport, and if an athlete wants as many chances to get a gold medal, that’s what they train for and live for. But dayum, gurl, I would have let her have that spot. You took 3RD in the US trials, focus on the 200m LIKE EVERY ANALYST AND FORMER GREAT has told you to! That’s a cold move. You better medal in both now babe.


MENS 100m- Justin Gatlin enjoys benefits of drugs to win US title and Olympic Berth

Fuck. You.

While I am not so naive to really think that a lot of the top athletes aren’t on drugs (while I desperately hope they aren’t), I firmly believe that anybody caught should get a LIFETIME BAN.  Seriously, by letting these people return for their “second” chance we’re pretty much saying, “cheat until you get caught. But if you get caught, you’re going to have to sit out until the next Olympics. Then come back and have fun!”  We aren’t providing enough incentive for people NOT to cheat.

Was also sad to see Walter Dix injured 😥


Womens 100m Hurdles-  Lolo Jones pops her London Olympic cherry.


I was going to type something about the race but I forgot while posting that picture. Enjoy



Those who dive…


Surprise 3rd place finisher Jeff Porter was so ecstatic on qualifying that he pretended there was a slip and slide after the finish line. This guy works his butt off, we see him at our track every day and he deserves this after all the hours he has put in. Go get em, and Go Blue.

Also, David Oliver looked TERRIBLE in becoming one of the most surprising athletes not to qualify .


WOMENS 200m DASH- Allyson Felix is way faster than I’ll ever be.

And prettier than I’ll ever be, too


MENS 200m DASH- Wallace Spearmon wins, no surprise there.


Is it racist if I think he looks like Ice T?


WOMENS 400m DASH-  Sanya Richards is scary fast.

I could win this shit with my eyes closed y’all


MENS 400m DASH- Jeremy Wariner isn’t very good at sports anymore, and Bryshon Nellum wins the swagged out comeback award 

50 cent got shot 9 times and made some shitty records. I made an Olympic Team. YOLO.

WOMENS 400m HURDLES- Arizona gal is quite a wildcat

She seems to have some swag


MENS 400m HURDLES- BATMAN doesn’t RETURN, has a DARK NIGHT (I’m too punny)

Pretty much this happened.

WOMENS 800- Geena Gall represents the Wolverines well, Vessey shits the bed.

Wolverine Swag


MENS 800- Jock runs like a high schooler, Duane Solmon makes me tear up, and Nick Symmonds proves that “One Night in Paris” was pretty helpful 

I’m staying in a “Hilton” tonight


WOMENS 1500- Boring. No surprises in this one.

Pretty sure she could beat me up. Blindfolded.


MENS 1500m- Manzano Hooks Em, Robby Andrews runs like a fool, Matt Mr Steal Yo Girl Centro through, Wheating makes second Oly team

Omg he’s so little and adorable


WOMENS 3k STEEPLE- Emma won. I fell behind her once. See two posts before this.

Sorry boys, she’s taken. Also, AWEEEEEEEEEEEE


MENS 3k STEEPLE- My team captain made the final, Jager doesn’t bomb and I like his hair, Cabral continues awesome season.

“Rule #1, no touching of the hair or face”


WOMENS 5K- Sorry I didn’t watch it I was driving to Flagstaff.

MENS 5k-  This race was “Rupp-Certified”, see previous post.

“Suck it Kenyan!”- Rupp


WOMENS 10k- Natosha Rogers proves NCAA title was not a fluke.

Eh hard to cheer for an aggie but I’m a fan.


MENS 10k- NBC brings in a British guy who knows his shit, Rupp makes it look easy, Teg and Ritz are back, and I just choked on a chip while typing this

I thought the starting line was the beginning..?


MENS DECATHLON- Ashton Eaton is really good at sports.  ESPN shows how f-cking stupid they are.

“You only ranked me 10th???”

Sports center ranked him 10th on the top 10. Behind a fan who caught a ball at a game with his hat. I’m not making this shit up.

Also how awkward was the exchange between Bruce Jenner and Dave O’Brien? Damn.


NIKE Proves they own the sport and don’t give a fuck about rules.

Suck it Nike/Hayward Field.

Example 1- http://www.letsrun.com/2012/block-0701.php  Excellent article by the Brojos on LetsRun. This is sure to ruin your day.

Example 2- They kicked out the Brooks dudes for a silly advertisement

Example 3- Alan Fucking Terrible at Running Webb

Example 4- Fam not let in



Wow that took a lot of time, I’m going to go do something productive now. Hope y’all enjoy this post!

Special Shout-Out to Derek Rubis, the biggest fan in track and field, who I’m sure had a phenomenal time at the trials, you deserve it Derek!




Running in Hell: Staying Fit in Afghanistan

12 Jan

Sorry for not having a post up yesterday, my dad took a while to answer these questions.  Here’s a look into what it’s like to stay in shape when you have little resources and only a small amount of space to workout in.

Running in Hell: Staying Fit in Afghanistan

For those of you who don’t know, my dad has been serving in the United States Army since the day I was born some 20 years ago.  He is currently a Lieutenant Colonel and after over 5 overseas deployments and 9 moves across the country, he is in the homestretch of his military career.  Only 15 days left in a ONE YEAR “VACATION” to Afghanistan and just a couple months of service remain before he can finally retire and move to Canon City, Colorado this summer to teach high school ROTC and coach high school cross country.

Back when I was an athlete

My dad has always done his best to stay fit and it was actually because I got tired of having to spend my childhood Saturday mornings watching my dad do 5k’s that I started running from a very young age.  I was curious to know how he and the rest of his soldiers stay in shape when they’re deployed.  So I sent him a few questions and this is what he responded with, enjoy!


We work out everyday, we make sure all our troops do. Most work out twice a day, normally cardio in the morning and lift weights in the afternoon.

Nice smile, Dad.


When its dangerous we land up running a lot on the 4 treadmills we have here. But when it is calm, we can run around our helicpoter pads, 8 laps around is two miles, pretty rocky course though. There is also a hill you can run up, its 5 miles up and 5 back.

Q. Cassidy went to a cabin in the woods. These guys went to a hut in the mountains.


It took me about 7 months to get the court built, I had to say it was a “exercise pad” to get it approved, which it is anyway, took about a month to get the goal, we play every weekend.



Its actually not that hard to stay in shape here, many troops have lost a lot of weight and toned up, and we probably have more time here than at home to work out. Plus the food isnt that great, so we really are never that hungry. There is something unappealing about getting your food from big green boxes called mermites. Also drinking more bottled water than I do back home helps a lot. Plus I cant let the younger dudes out-do me, I’m too competitive like my son and daughter.

Actually the nicest gym in that whole shitty country.

Treadmills, for when there's the legitimate danger of getting shot running outside.

Can you tell me why people in the States should be greatful for all the resources we have for exercising while you guys have to make the best of the stuff out there?

People in the states are free to go whever they want to work out, we are confined to a small area, we have to be creative to make our runs longer, plus even though I like our gym, we do not have that much equipment like at home. So you have to again come up with different ways to lift so it doesnt get tOo routine.

I can beat my dad at most things, but it's probably safe to say he's quite a bit stronger than me.


Living on a FOB (Forward Operating Base) is tough, its great to be round these Warriors, but day in day out sometimes people get on your nerves because you are really never alone. As a leader, I have to always make sure they are all ok and doing their jobs and I never have a minute to myself other then when working out or sleeping. I only average between 5-7 hours of sleep a night when the bad guys are not attacking.

Luxury Living in Afghanistan

Move to Afghanistan for the lovely views of barbed wire and slums from your front window!

Cheering on the Wolverines from the other side of the world.

Tell me how y’all get to watch the games and what factor sports play on the base (bonding, free time, getting to keep up with whats happening at home):

Watching sports is a huge stress release and is great for bonding here. The only bad thing is that most games live start at 1030pm and the games go all through the night until about 6am our time. So I had some pretty late nights or really early mornings to watch games. I was able to see most of the bowl games LIKE MICHIGAN-GO BLUE and BAYLOR and UT play, so that was awesome. I was also able to watch track and field and XC on the internet, so I got to see you run a couple of times and it was great, I saw you win the Florida State Relays Steeple, Penn Relays, and of course the XC Championships again. They were on here very late but thank goodness for technology….. I’m very excited to come home and then go watch you run in the Big 10 Indoor Championships in Nebraska, will not miss it for the world… LOVE YA!

Watching Michigan kick ass in football this year 😉

Thankfully I didn't inherit his gene for sweating profusely.


Yesterday my dad received his SECOND BRONZE STAR, the fourth highest medal awarded in the military.  Congrats Dad, thanks for always being my biggest supporter and come home soon, we miss you!

Award ceremony for the most badass dude in Afghanistan.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: DEREK RUBIS.

15 Sep

I am probably just going to stop apologizing for long distances between posts.  School started, my schedule has been crazy y’all.


If you are a fan of running, then you’ve probably heard of Derek Rubis.  If you’ve never heard of him well then I can only think of two reasons why,
1.) You’re probably not fast enough to have the honor of being Rubisized (Most of us aren’t, it’s ok)
2.) You live under a rock.

For both those who know of the man and those who don’t, here’s an opportunity to learn a little more about him.  He’s without a doubt the biggest track and field fan in the US of A.  This guy loves track more than Snooki loves alcohol. And that’s saying a lot.


Fans like this are vital to our sport.  Now some may think it’s weird to be so obsessed with this sport, and may find the “Face in Hole” pictures to be a little odd as well.  Well, “Haters Gone Hate”.  The act of getting a “Face in Hole” picture has become an official verb in our running world, getting “Rubisized”.  It’s usually quite an honor to make this list as it signifies that you are an elite runner. Scrubs don’t make this list (Although I admit my finally making it was due to my interviewing him 🙂 )   Little note- this is not intended to be sarcastic or poking fun at anybody, this is a real interview with a pretty big figure in the track world.  Thanks for letting me do this interview Derek I appreciate it!

Derek Rubis + Zach Ornelas = Derek Ornelas. RUBISIZED



So tell me, Derek, how did you get into running? Did it start when you were young? How long have you been running and following the sport?

I got into the sport cause I couldn’t do contact sports and I started in the 6th grade for the 6th grade run. I have been running for about 20 years from 6th grade to now and I really started following the sport when I was a freshman in high school.

I think more than a few of us started this sport due to the inability to play contact sports man, we feel ya.


Sick Nike Kit, Derek.

Why do you love running? A lot of non-runners look at our sport and think we are crazy, what is it that gives you such passion for our sport?

I love distance running cause it a sport that not a of people can do and not a lot people follow. My passion for this sport is cause we are an underdog sport that is trying to make a name for itself

Damn Derek, you've been hitting the weights recently huh?

What are your current PR’s and do you have any PR goals for this upcoming year?
3K-11:45, 5K-19:30, 8K (XC)-34:00, 10K-42:20. My PR goals for the upcoming year is just better my prs in XC and when track comes I want to get in between 40-41 minutes for the 10K.


Wisconsin's Finest.

Who is your favorite professional or collegiate runner and why?
In the Professional Distance World I have two Chris Solinsky & Nick Willis cause of dedication and hard work to this sport. For Collegiate Runners I have three and they are all on the same college team Maverick Darling, Reed Connor & Drew Shields for dedication, hard work & they care about their team as a whole and they care about their sport.

Derek Rubis pick/pic of the year, Wisco takes the crown

Now here’s the important part, not too many xc predictions have been made online yet, what do you think the top 5 teams will be for NCAA Division 1 cross country this year?

Wisconsin, Stanford, Oregon, Indiana, & Oklahoma State.

You heard it here first, folks.  Wisconsin ftw?

Derek picks Derrick.

Who do you think the individual champion will be?


I think the individual champion will be Chris Derrick with Drew Shields, Maverick Darling & Reed Connor in the top 4.

If your prediction is correct, Wisco will score a scary, scary low score at nats..

D-Rube rolls deep.

Would you like to give any shout outs to good friends or some of your homeboys in Wisconsin?


I would like to give a shout out to Chris Derrick, J.T. Sullivan, Dylan Ferris who I call the Stanford Three & to Maverick Darling, Drew Shields, Reed Connor & Mike Brice who I call the Wisconsin Four.

Until Next Time, EATRUNSWAG.

Athlete Profile: Becca Addison

6 Jul

My fellow Americans, today I introduce to y’all a new blog feature I intend to do at least once a month.  I will be interviewing some of the nation’s top athletes so you can learn some of their secrets to success.  Also, through the revealing and challenging interview questions that I ask, you can learn about the actual character and personality of these super legit runner folk.

Before beginning this article I’d like to say thanks to Becca for allowing me to do this interview and putting up with my weird questions.  Thanks Becca you’re the best!

The subject of the first Athlete Profile blog is the University of Michigan’s very own Becca Addison:

Nice smile bb!

Becca Addison is going into her Junior Year as a Big 10 Champion, All-American, and currently has a personal best of 2:03 in the 800!!!

I chose to interview Becca first because not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also one of my favorite people.  Living in the same house as her for a Spring Term in 2010, our friendship developed into what it is today.  I killed a spider for her once, it was big.

Brookwood Street Pimpin

I called her up for the interview since I am home in Texas for the summer and here is how it went:

Me- First I’ll start off with some non-running questions so people can get to know you beyond just your running accomplishments.  So here’s the first question, you ready?

Becca- Yes, I think so

Me- If you could be any animal on a carousel what would you pick and why?

Becca- A frog. I just like them.

Frogs, she just likes them.

Me- Is it true that you have beaten Tetris Friends? (www.tetrisfriends.com)

Becca- It took me many months, but now I can beat it almost every time.  The secret is to play on survival mode.  I didn’t know that the normal goal of the game is to rack up as many points as you can, I was just playing to beat the game.

Me- So, you always play to win?

Becca- Yes.

All I do is win win win no matter what

Me- What do you think is the solution to the debt crisis?

Becca- I’m not really good at politics.

Politics? Too serious.

Me- If your life was a movie, what would it be titled?

Becca- Awkward Endeavors

Awkward Endeavors: Rated PG-13

Me- Who is your collegiate/pro runner crush?

Becca- Umm…Jeremy Warniner.   No…wait, Walter Dix!

Becca likes her men to have SWAG

Me- Please tell me (and the readers of this website) about your love for cats


Becca- My love for cats was there in high school, but it has continued to grow in college.

So much love for those cats

Me-Tell me about the “Kitty Glamour Shotz” that you like to do

Becca- I do glamour shots with my cat named Emma.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She just sits there with her eyes closed so I assume she likes it.  She really likes the camera

I can has picnic

Me- Have you done glamour shots with any other cats?

Becca- No, just Emma.  I tend to smother other cats too much and freak them out

Snow cat pulling a native american on a sled.

Me- What is your favorite thing about me?

Becca- Your zest for life.

So much zest!

Me-  Now on to the running part.  I want to know some of your secrets to success and I’m sure the readers do too. So when did you first start running?

Becca- 8th grade.  I ran the 100 and the 200.  I was super nervous all of the time.

Young Becca. Becca, I'm truly sorry for putting this on here.

Me- Did you play any other sports?

Becca- I was a gymnast from age 5-14.  Then I broke both of my hands.

Couldn't find a pic of Becca as a gymnast. So here's Kerri Strug.

Me- So I’ve heard your parents were pretty good at running, tell me a little about that.

Becca- My parents met when they were both running for Nike in Eugene, Oregon.  They were both in Russia and my dad asked my mom to dance.  She said no.  They hit it off better later on.

Her dad front and center

Me- Tell me why you’re so good

Becca- Because I’m so competitive.

Beast Mode.

Me-What are your goals?

Becca- I just want to get faster every year.

Me- Howabout sub 2?

Becca- Sub 2 would be crazy..

Me- Do it.

Sub 2, coming soon.

Me- Would you like to give any shout outs?

Becca- Id like to say hi to my soulmate, Jill Smith, my soulmate in running and in life ❤  And I’d like to send out a shout-out to my litter mates!

Soulmates ❤