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Wisco Invite/The Debut of Lukas!

14 Oct

I knew I was taking too long to make new posts when my mom texted me telling me to make a new post.. My bad y’all. School started, I’ve been putting in 100 mile weeks, and I’ve even been hanging out with a pretty girl.  A real live girl!

So here’s a new post fresh for you running folk.

As everybody who follows college running at all knows, the hottest meet this week is the Adidas Invite in Madison, Wisconsin.  Us Wolverines are out here to kick some butt and gain some more national points hopefully (ranked 26th in the nation right now!).

Just about everybody who’s anybody is here.  Just take a look at the teams in the varsity races:

College Men (39)
• Air Force
• Arizona
• #23 Arizona State
• #6 BYU
• Cal
• Clemson
• #28 Florida
• #16 Georgetown
• Georgia
• Harvard
• Illinois
• #7 Indiana
• Iowa State
• Kansas
• Lamar
• Marquette
• #26 Michigan
• Michigan State
• #17 Minnesota
• Nebraska
• #25 New Mexico
• #13 Northern Arizona
• #29 North Carolina
• #9 NC State
• Notre Dame
• Ohio State
• #10 Oregon
• #14 Princeton
• #24 Providence
• Purdue
• #4 Stanford
• #21 Syracuse
• Texas
• #27 Texas A&M
• #22 UCLA
• #19 Villanova
• Washington
• William & Mary
• #2 Wisconsin
College Women (42)
• Air Force
• #14 Arizona
• Arizona State
• Boston College
• #27 BYU
• #10 Cal
• #30 Clemson
• #22 Florida
• Georgia
• Harvard
• Illinois
• Indiana
• #23 Iowa
• #9 Iowa State
• James Madison
• Kansas
• #15 Michigan State
• #21 Minnesota
• Nebraska
• #7 New Mexico
• Northern Arizona
• #13 North Carolina
• NC State
• Northwestern
• #25 Notre Dame
• Ohio State
• #12 Oregon
• #28 Princeton
• #2 Providence
• Purdue
• San Francisco
• #6 Stanford
• Stony Brook
• #8 Syracuse
• Texas A&M
• Toledo
• Vanderbilt
• #1 Villanova
• #24 Washington
• William & Mary
• Wisconsin

Insane right?  Every team in the Big 10 will be in the race (with the exception of Penn State).  In addition to the insane battle for first between Stanford, Oregon, Wisco, BYU, and Indiana, the race will feature some of the best individual runners including Chris Derrick and a handful of Kenyan superstars.

For most of these teams, it’s the deepest meet they’ll see outside of nationals.  More runners in the field than the national contest and 2000 meters less racing for things to spread out makes quite an intimidating field even for the veterans.

Which led me to wonder how some of the young guns in this race feel they are prepared.  I caught up with Oregon’s new duck Lukas Verzbicas to see how his transition into college has been and what his thoughts on finally wearing the Big O tomorrow are.

I didn't create this pic, but whoever did had quite a bit of time on their hands.

Me- Hey Lukas, thanks for letting me interview you again, I’m sure people are pretty excited to see your debut tomorrow.  So how has your college experience been so far? College, as I’m sure you’ve found out, is a major change from high school life, are you enjoying the independence and the great support from the Oregon Athletic Department so far?

LV- Oregon is great! I absolutely love it. It took a few weeks to adjust to the college lifestyle but by now I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can say I had it going real good in high school, but Oregon is the place to be so now it’s even better. Everything I can possibly need or want is provided here. I’m making use of the multimillion dollar training and treatment facilities and therefore am thankfully staying very healthy.

LV keeping it classy in Eugene

Me- How is it having a team full of great runners to train with and how is the team looking this year?

LV-  I’m running more than ever but the transition has been very smooth with the coaching staff knowing perfectly well how to keep improving me. What’s really better is that every day I’m running with athletes that are just as fast if not faster than me, this not only helps to run faster in practice but it’s mentally easier to share the pain with others. Plus it’s such an awesome group of guys that they could be my best friends even without running. 

Hopefully you're bro-ing out with this dude

Me- The ducks have a storied reputation in the running world, how does it feel to finally get to put on that jersey and represent your school this weekend?

To represent Oregon is a tremendous honor. I’m not just saying this to sound proper. After experiencing for myself how passionate the university and especially the community are about running I can’t help but know that I’m running not just for my own self, but that I’m representing something so much more. I feel very thankful to every one of them. I’m a day away from my first college race and I feel completely fit and ready along with everyone else on the team. The excitement just keeps building up :)

Thanks once again for the interview Lukas, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.


-Season is going well for us Wolverines.  We’ve put in some solid miles and workouts, and picked up a nice win in Florida (where despite being from Texas the heat got the best of me).  I’ve improved my 8k to 24:35 at Illinois and I’m looking to run well tomorrow.


– 7 of the top 20 from the 2008 Texas 5a XC state meet will be in the race tomorrow, including the first 3 finishers, Lone Star rematch?

Until next time,
Eat, Run, SWAG.


Jesse Eisenberg Gives Weak Handshakes!

11 Jul




Today I met a famous person y’all!

His name is Jesse Eisenberg, and he’s most famous for inventing Facebook

I heard he has 500,000,000 friends


He was in Austin because he’s in some new movie called “30 Minutes or Less”. It has Nick Swardson, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari as co-stars.  I haven’t seen it but I’ll review it for you now: It was freaking hilarious, go see it. I really liked that one part where Jesse was all awkward, then that one part where Danny said the f word a lot, then that one part where Nick’s sexual orientation was questionable. So zany!

I give it a 10/10


He was at the legendary “Homeslice Pizza” on South Congress Ave. serving up slices of pizza.  I guess Facebook must be doing poorly or something if he had to take this shitty job as a pizza server.  I guess Google+ blew up way faster than he expected (ADD ME BTW BB’s, I GOT MY ACCOUNT TODAY :D!!!)

I waited in line for like 30min  4 days until finally I got to the front.  It was cool and all that he served me the pizza but honestly I was more excited for a free slice of pizza and a coke.  I mean you can see a famous person anytime, but how often do you get free slices of pizza y’all?

Look how excited I am


Anyway, before he gave me the slice of pizza, he gave me a complimentary handshake to cleanse my palate.  And let me tell you, that handshake was WEAK dude!  Lacked confidence, lacked care, lacked poise, lacked gentlemanliness.  Here’s an example of him shaking my AFRICAN AMERICAN friend Chris’s hand (I have black friends y’all!)



Notice Chris’s hand, firmly closed and thumb locked in.  Notice Jesse’s limp wrist and unaffectionate thumb.  Party foul bro.


I’m not super mad about it though.  In fact, I’m kinda happy.  I’m happy that Jesse’s on-screen awkward ass jew version of Michael-Cera character is actually how he is in real life.  That gives me hope.  Maybe Johnny Depp really is a zany pirate bro always getting into trouble in real life.  Maybe Daniel Radcliffe will save all of us muggles someday.  Maybe Tom Hanks really is “special”.


Keep on being awkward bro, can’t wait to see your new movie. Hopefully you make a sequel to that Facebook movie, maybe one about LiveJasmin or YouJ***






PS- READ MY GIRL AUDREY SMITH’s BLOG @ http://www.adobeslabs.com !!! Please. She’s coming to visit me in Texas in exactly a week and we shall do some crazy bro-noodling blogs together ❤ ❤ ❤


http://www.fasterthanforty.com too

Keeping Austin Weird

30 Jun

Howdy y’all.  This past weekend was the 9th annual Keep Austin Weird Festival which climaxes with the weirdest 5k road race you’ve ever seen.  You can claim that your town has some odd characters but if your town isn’t Austin, your weirdest townspeople don’t even come close to our just semi-odd Austinites.

Leslie-Austin's most famous cross-dressing homeless man. He's run for Mayor 3 times.

In Austin, expressing yourself is not just encouraged but also celebrated with an entire festival.  As runners, we are all a little odd already.  We trot about in absurdly short shorts, finish 15 mile runs before most people have even woken up, and get just as excited watching a 25 lap race on TV as most Americans get for the Super Bowl.

We Idolize a ‘damn hippie’ who died drunk driving in a car crash!

To give anything less than your best..

Well at the Keep Austin Weird 5k, it’s the perfect time to let your freak flag fly.  They give out free food during the race ( I heard there was ice cream being passed out!), there is a contest for “Best Costume”, and there are no age group awards. It’s a ‘race’ that you don’t race (unless you’re an idiot like me..) Here’s the outfit I decided to run in:

Sexy Jorts ❤

Lookin good bb

I had planned on just ‘going easy’ and ‘enjoying the race’.  But then I remembered, I pretty much only enjoy races when I win.  So I won. In 15:40. Swag.  Here’s some advice: DONT EVER RUN IN JORTS.   Lets just say the chaffing I got was not worth it.

Hot Damn, Girl

My outfit may have been pretty ‘wild’, but my fellow Austinites were a lot more creative than me.

HAWT and HOT at the same time.

It's ok, the guy they ate was an Aggie

If I had kids, I don't think I'd let them anywhere near this guy.

If you’ve ever wanted to run in an outfit weirder than what you already run in, definitely come out to this race next year. Help us Keep Austin Weird.

– The band “Alpha Rev” played at the festival.  They are great check them out here and support local music:

–  Props to Cate W. for telling me to write about the Keep Austin Weird 5k today as I was sitting around half naked not knowing what to blog about today

– Ryan Fenton, I challenge you to a 5k by the end of the summer.


18 Jun

I’m going to be honest y’all, I’d never heard of this “Juneteenth” holiday until I saw it as a TT in Austin (for you old people, that stands for Trending Topic. On Twitter.)

I’m here to educate y’all.

As we all know (via Wikipedia) the slaves were officially freed in America on January 1st, 1863, 100 days after Honest Abe issued the Emancipation Proclamation.  (Y’all can be free, but um, I need that new fence built..so 100 days from now!)

Abe's best friends were black

Some of the more chill states in the Union were like “Yeah, you know what? Slavery is wrong!”.  TEXAS on the other hand, was worried that black people would take over if they were freed (via the NBA).  So Texas decided not to listen to those damn yankee rules and they kept making blacks do all the work for an extra TWO YEARS.

Need to get me one of them wenches y'all!

It wasn’t until June 18th, 1865 when Union General Granger rolled with his crew to Galveston, TX, that the laws abolishing slavery were enforced.  The 19th is when General Granger gave a speech declaring them free and today the holiday is celebrated on the 18th and 19th of June.

General Granger- "Y'all are free! No more discrimination because of your skin color ever! Just don't date my daughter.."

Common Juneteenth traditions include families tracing their ancestry back to slaves, parties, parades, and the traditional black sports basketball, football, track, and anything that doesn’t involve water (joking y’all).

See you there bb's

So to all my African-American friends in Texas (I have lot’s y’all) enjoy the celebrations.  Although you should probably have “What the hell Texas?” celebrations instead, because they kept y’all waiting 2 full years to the party.  Shame on y’all Texas!