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NCAA XC- Countdown to the Big Dance: 6 DAYS

16 Nov

Howdy.  Long time no see. Ironic what my last blog post was about eh? I’m not sure I’m even going to touch on that one, that kid is taking enough shit from every running message board in existence.


It seems like just the other day we were at camp getting lost on a 12 mile run and finding our assistant coach in his van 17 miles later.  But alas, we have finally reached the final week of the season.  Just 6 days until the 2011 NCAA Division One Cross Country Championships.  After 3 absolutely miserable, pitiful, and disastrous seasons, the Wolverine men have finally punched a ticket to the Big Dance.

As you can see, Coach Gibby was super happy

Here’s where I’ll make my excuse for infrequent and sporadic posting on this blog since school has started:
I finally, through better sleep/dietary decisions/smarter training, turned myself into a runner who actually was of use to his team.  With my first two years of college being a major disappointment (running-wise at least) it’s satisfying to see a season in which I placed 30 places higher than I ever have in a Big 10 meet, 40 places higher in the regional meet, and although xc times are nearly irrelevant I shaved 37 secs off my 8k and 63 secs off my 10k.

Enough about me though,  I know many of you readers can relate to experiencing the fruits of a successful season.  For all of you that have meets left, whether it be college or high school, the championship meets are the perfect way to end the season.  You’ve trained all year for this, and whether you’ve had a successful or a terrible season this is the meet where you can truly show what you’re made of. Plus, you know the saying, You’re only as good as your last race….

In the days leading up to the big meet, I’ll be doing a daily blog covering some of the recent running news and giving updates of the Michigan Wolverines as we get ready to kick some ass.



I’m sure many of you have already received a Facebook invite to the group (6,000 members and growing! Great job spreading the word guys!).  If you haven’t heard, here’s the information posted on the group wall:

“Due to UMD’s budget crisis, Kevin Anderson announced today to the entire track and field family that all three seasons of Men’s running (XC, Indoor, and Outdoor Track and Field) are being recommended to be cut from the University Athletics.  This team’s history runs as deep as the university itself.  Dating all the way back to 1923, the running program boasts 8 NCAA champions, innumerable All-Americans (most recently, our very own Dwight Barbiaz, high jumper 2011), and over 50 ACC Team Titles.

The cross country and track and field programs here at Maryland are very unique; we truly are a family.  Taking away the guys’ side is like taking away our very brothers.  Cutting entire sports teams, especially those which have won so many titles, is not the solution to the financial problem.

Time to rally, Terps!  Voice your support and help save the team!!

President Loh’s email: wdloh@umd.edu

 Kevin Anderson’s email: kevina@umd.edu”

The official University President’s statement can be found here as well: http://www.umd.edu/UMDnews/pres_message_111411.cfm

Running with the Wolverines- 6 Days Out

While obviously I’m not going to divulge any workouts or information my coach would prefer not to be on the internet, I can give a little bit of insight to how we are preparing for the big day.

1.)  While they have taken a lot of crap from us, I’d like to send a big shout-out to the two freshmen that will be traveling with us to Terre Haute.  One of them will be running and the other will be the alternate.  They have both grown in maturity since the start of the season and the national experience as freshmen will be very valuable to them in the future when they return.  To any freshmen who have been lucky enough to make it this far in the season, give yourself a a pat on the back.  Obviously you read my freshmen tips earlier in the year 😉

Mason "Big Bird" Ferlic. Yes, he's as awkward as he looks ❤

2.) THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS.  Everything counts this week.  Hydrate. Sleep.  That 8:30 am class going to prevent you from getting the required amount of sleep? Skip it, rest up for nattys (your coach can’t legally tell you that, but I am, and I think that’s ok).  Let’s be real, we’re Athlete-Students this week.

See ya tomorrow,



Cross country camp 2011: Friday

26 Aug

Nothing like reading Chuck Palahniuk on the beach.



Another post from the iPhone, once again excuse the quality.

Last night was freezing. I woke up at 3am and had to pee. I held it until I woke up because it was so cold I was afraid to leave my bed. The wake up alarm I chose this morning was ‘blah blah blah’ by my girl Ke$ha. There were mixed reviews on this choice.

Today was a workout day. TEMPO. I’m not going to give away our workouts or training times but lets just say the wolverines are looking pretty damn good right about now. MUCH BETTER than last year. Did almost 3 miles more than I tempoed at this time a year ago.

After lunch and some rest, we had a mandatory team bonding session through the viewing of “Band of Brothers”. We watched the first two episodes. Intense stuff. Ross from friends is in the first one and he’s a dick.

Killed some more time this afternoon reading and swimming in lake Michigan before dinner. Chicken nuggets and mashed potaters, OMNOMNOM.

Currently typing this post while watching the third episode of B.O.B. It’s good team bonding. Watching the men on the show form strong friendships with each other through their struggle is pretty symbolic to our time here at camp with the new freshmen as we prepare to begin the hell that is xc season. Thankfully we’re not being shot at by nazi’s.

Gibbys wife runs the marathon at Worlds in about 30min. Gibby looks nervous as hell right now. Good luck Kathy!

Until next time,