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Cross country camp 2011: Friday

26 Aug

Nothing like reading Chuck Palahniuk on the beach.



Another post from the iPhone, once again excuse the quality.

Last night was freezing. I woke up at 3am and had to pee. I held it until I woke up because it was so cold I was afraid to leave my bed. The wake up alarm I chose this morning was ‘blah blah blah’ by my girl Ke$ha. There were mixed reviews on this choice.

Today was a workout day. TEMPO. I’m not going to give away our workouts or training times but lets just say the wolverines are looking pretty damn good right about now. MUCH BETTER than last year. Did almost 3 miles more than I tempoed at this time a year ago.

After lunch and some rest, we had a mandatory team bonding session through the viewing of “Band of Brothers”. We watched the first two episodes. Intense stuff. Ross from friends is in the first one and he’s a dick.

Killed some more time this afternoon reading and swimming in lake Michigan before dinner. Chicken nuggets and mashed potaters, OMNOMNOM.

Currently typing this post while watching the third episode of B.O.B. It’s good team bonding. Watching the men on the show form strong friendships with each other through their struggle is pretty symbolic to our time here at camp with the new freshmen as we prepare to begin the hell that is xc season. Thankfully we’re not being shot at by nazi’s.

Gibbys wife runs the marathon at Worlds in about 30min. Gibby looks nervous as hell right now. Good luck Kathy!

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Cross Country Camp 2011: the first 21 hours

25 Aug

Dear Readers: I’ll be at camp for the next 8 days in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Hopefully I’ll be providing daily updates on this blog. I’m doing this via a mobile app so don’t expect anything fancy. It’s actually a sweet app btw, thanks wordpress!

After finally managing to fit all of the gear into the back of the vans we finally began our trip to Glen Arbor to put our summer training to the test on the trails of northern Michigan. Although a fairly long drive, it wasn’t bad as we were surrounded by our teammates to have conversations with. We finally arrived at camp only 30min before dinner and had just enough time to pick cabins and unload our duffle bags before digging into the tasty lasagna the cafeteria had prepared for us. It was nice being able to eat and relax when we got here instead of doing a workout straightaway like last year.

Day 2:
We awoke in our cabin at 7:45am to several different alarms going off at the same time. I think mine was the best as Matt and Kim’s ‘daylight’ was stuck in the head of several of my cabin mates hummed the tune throughout breakfast. 6 of us decided to get our run out of the way early at 10am and we did 12 miles on the nice trails at the park only a 15min run down dirt roads from our cabins. With the first run at camp being a success we were left with an afternoon to ourselves which many spent reading the books they purchased on our short stop in town at 1. In a few hours the remainder of the campers will run and then we will all do a group core and strengthening session before spending more time team bonding afterwards. Perhaps a game of dodgeball? We’ll see, Gibby is much too easy of a target, maybe we’ll go easy on him.

Quotes from the first 2 days:

Senior Derek Henning- “I’m looking forward to living in blissful ignorance of the outside world while in northern Michigan”

Sophomore Mark Beams- “I have to pee”

Freshman Scott Dvorak- “once upon a time I loved camp”


The Idiot’s Guide to Summer Running in Texas

9 Aug

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I just completed a 24+ hour drive across the country by myself.

I’d like to thank y’all for being such dedicated followers, in just a little over a month I’ve had over 31,000 views, over 20 subscribers, and my posts have been featured on the front pages of LetsRun, RunnersWorld, Track and Field News, and Flotrack. ❤ y'all.

Before I get into today's post, here what to look for in the coming weeks:
– Interviews with some of the top collegiate runners/teams in the nation as XC gets ready to kick into action. If you'd like a certain question asked send me an email at and I will listen to suggestions!
– Interviews with some pros (hopefully I can sit down soon with Nick Willis before Worlds)
-A Prefontaine post
-Challenging people to run in public

LASTLY: If you have any ideas for interviews/posts send me an email/comment on this blog!


So I just spent the past 2 months and change building my summer base for XC in one of the most miserable places you could possibly choose to be in during the months of June/July.

Oh, it gets down to 104 Tuesday, that'll be a nice day!

I learned a lot about myself/my body this summer while training in that bullshit. In case you live in the Lone Star State, or plan on spending any time there in the summer, here is some advice on how to train during the blistering summer months.


10 more minutes, please..

Be up at 6/7am, every morning. Trust me, being tired as hell all day is way better than running at 9am. If you’re in the Austin area, head down to the main entrance to Barton Springs and it’s pretty likely you’ll see somebody you know/some elite runners about to start their run. Frequent meeting spot for the UT runners, collegiate runners, cougars, triathletes, and high schoolers.


Those blue pants that chick has on...facepalm.

Notice the water to the left in that pic. Thats the main water stop at Auditorium Shores. If you are running on a trail that has water stops, FREAKING STOP for some water. Now, don’t spend 10 min. chugging water, get a cup or two and get back on with your run. When I first got back into town I figured “Pfft I never stop during runs in Michigan, thats for p*ssies”. Well several times in my first few weeks back I had to stop mid-run because I ran out of energy/”hit the wall”. Hydrate kids, because when you run out of water your run becomes worthless.


NEVER for any reason run from 12pm to 6pm. NEVER. EVER. DONT EFFING DO IT. On my 2nd to last week in town I wanted to hang out with friends at night but I also needed to do a double. I decided to go for a 4mi run at 4:30 in the afternoon. Here’s how that run went:
800m in- “Haha this is funny I’ll be able to tell my friends I went running while it was 105 degrees out and they’ll think I’m a total badass!”
1600m in- “There is sweat pouring out of my eyes. My eyes. What the hell?”
3200m in- “Am I really only halfway done? I’ve lost at least 10 pounds in the past 13 minutes”
4800m in- “I’m dizzy, why can’t I produce saliva anymore? There is a puddle of sweat in my butthole I’m sweating so much.”
5000m in- “I don’t think I’m going to finish this run. I’d rather be raped by a dinosaur than try this again.
5200m in- “What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to exist? If I die on this street how long before somebody picks me up?”
6000m in- “I’m going to die. It’s official. I’m chaffing so bad there is a drop of blood running down the inside of my leg, I can’t breathe normally, and I’d honestly rather watch a Carlos Mencia standup special then be running in this BS”
4mi (Home)- “Walking into this air conditioned home is more satisfying than winning the lottery.”


3-way nap

Being up early every single morning then exhausting yourself in the sun takes quite a toll on you. If you’re a lazy jobless bum like me and have enough time to spend 2-3 hours in the middle of your day napping, do it. You’ll feel better and you’ll recover better too. Just come to terms with the fact that you’re sleeping for a few hours while other kids are out there working. Ha, losers.


You need to replenish yourself after a run in 100 degree weather. I suggest the ‘Big Juan’ at ‘Juan in a Million’ in East Austin. Under 4 dollars and you probably won’t even be able to finish it.

EAT run swag

I’m sure there’s more stuff I could fit here but this post is too damn long and I’m tired from yesterdays drive. I’m gunna go nap and listen to “Watch The Throne”.

Until next time, EATRUNSWAG